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Special Production?

The term “special production” applies to certain uniforms that come in sizes 3XL and 4XL. These models are not typically part of our regular inventory.

We are happy to make them for you on request. A 3-month period is required for production of these uniforms, which are NON CANCELLABLE, NON REFUNDABLE and NON EXCHANGEABLE considering the specialized nature of the order.


Buying advice

Try on several models before purchasing. Test for comfort by moving around: bend over, sit down, lift arms, etc.

Choose a uniform that has enough room so as not to restrain neither your comfort nor your movements. With a white uniform always wear skin color undergarments.


Care advice

Wash your uniforms separately. Machine wash in cold water, preferably with liquid or soft detergent.

Never use bleach or any other kind of detergent containing bleach or whitener. Instead, use a cap full of our concentrated stain remover « Florisa » in your laundry water. It’s the safest way to preserve the color of our uniforms. Florisa does not contain bleach. It easily removes tough stains. You can find Florisa in our distributors or online. Ask us where you can find our detergent.

Avoid dryers. Simply hang to dry this will help to protect the life and the shape of your uniforms.


How to remove stains from your uniforms

FLORISA is a concentrated, industrial-use stain remover. Highly effective, it can remove stubborn stains from uniforms, clothing, lingerie, sheets, bedding, carpet and much more. Can also be used for washable colors.

Does not contain ANY BLEACH

Sold on the market for over twenty years, FLORISA has always sustained improvements. FLORISA products is sold in specialized shops.

Ask us for the distributor nearest you.

Also efficient on the following stains :
Grease, massaging oil, make up, blood, grass, perspiration, fruits, beverages, shoe shine and much more.