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Florisa stain Remover 473 mL #détachant concentré


Concentrated stain remover

Effective on any fabrics, stains and colored clothes

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* Sizes are in inches

Concentrated stain remover

  • Effective on the following stains :

Grease, oil, blood, perspiration, make-up, beverage, red wine, fruits, ink, grass and other stains.

  • For optimum effectiveness :

Pour the concentrate directly onto stain before washing. Work in with fingertips or brush. Allow to work for 10 minutes.

  • To make the white wither :

Add 30ml to the wather and wash linen, uniforms, bed sheets and other.

  • Chlorine free!

Safe on any colors because chlorine free.

Profession: Éducatrice

Simply the best!

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